The Top 5 Things to Do in London 2018 – United Kingdom

London, a symbol of modernity, is an exclusive English city with its historical texture, which is carefully preserved, as a living value for the night and day, which is respected by the witness. Built around 2000 years ago by the Romans on the banks of the River Thames, London, one of the most important cities in the world, has witnessed the culture of thousands of years of European history, museums, historical textures, parks and places to visit the famous shops A city that should not be rushed. So the list of attractions in London is quite long and wide.

1. Buckingham Palace

Many people are going to the Buckhingham palace for the handover ceremony of the soldiers ‘ duties. It’s a really different experience to watch soldiers stand still with their gigantic furry hats in their glamorous red uniforms. In order not to miss this change only once a day, it is useful to take the information from your hotel or tour guide exactly what time will be changed and go at that time. It is usually very crowded in your mind that some time ago there You may need to be present. Even if you can’t see it, it’s still going to be a good experience, just seeing the soldiers and taking pictures.

2. The London Eye

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Since the opening of the public in 2000, the London eye became the number one favorite of tourists. The biggest Ferris wheel in the world is the difference between the dozens of people in the giant Plexiglas boxes of London Eye. It has the honour of becoming Europe’s largest ferris wheel with a height of 135 m from the ground. The location is very strategically located by the River Thames and allows you to see the entire city perfectly without any obstacles. You can easily see Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral and many more. The London Eye experience, which takes about 30 minutes of a tour, is a good start for the first day to get an overview of London and get an idea of the size of the city.

3-London Tower/London Bridge

In the history of the Tower of London, the Duke of Normandy is based on William’s invasion of England, and then as the Conqueror of London, William. The complex, which has been expanding from that period until today, has had a lot of bloody incidents for years. Tower 8. It’s also known as the place where many of Henry’s wives have been beheaded.
The tower also has a long-lasting belief/tradition. Legend has it that if the black Ravens leave the tower, the Kingdom of England is believed to be destroyed. Today, unfortunately, the wings of ravens are prevented from being clipped and flown to prevent this situation, but it will still be an interesting experience to see these giant birds.

4. Westminster Abbey

This giant Gothic church called Westminster Abbey is right across from the parliament building. The area where the church is a beautiful structure has witnessed many important events. This is where the traditional coronation and the British royalty are buried. The coronation ceremonies that began in 1066 with King Harold and William were made here with a few exceptions. Among them are the poets and writers such as third Henry, 1. Elizabeth, 2. Richard, Chaucer, Wordsworh, Milton, T. S Elliot, Keats, Sherley, and so on, and scientists like Darwin and Newton are buried in this place. This is where Princess Diana’s funeral was made after her death in 1997. It’s very enjoyable to see the church, which is quite a beautiful structure next to all the famous features. Westminster Abbey must be placed on the list of attractions in London.

5. British Museum

It was once called “the country where the sun never sank” for England. Then you can imagine how big England is. Oceania had set up an empire that extends from the islands to Asia, Europe and the Americas, which we have not even heard of. During the Global expansion, Britain gathered and brought millions of ancient artifacts from places where they once reigned. The works exhibited at the museum at the British Museum have a magical beauty that cannot be explained by words. For instance, it’s possible to see Rosetta Stone here. A secret that remained unsolved for centuries, the hieroglyphics were solved with the help of Napoleon, the stone that was found during the Egyptian expedition in 1798. The list of things to see at the British Museum is so long that it doesn’t end, so make sure you find a place in your London trip program.

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