The Best Things to do in Singapore in 2018

Singapore is home to a number of different places that are constantly growing. The landmark of the city is the Merlion statue, many gardens and old temples can be counted among these places. In addition, important places such as Chinatown, Orchard Road, Gardens by The Bay and Marina Bay can be counted.

Marina Bay

Marina Bay is the city’s favorite place, built on a field that extends along the Singapore River, where Singapore has won by stuffing. The region is the heart of Singapore with its many hotels, restaurants, skyscrapers and business centres. The most expensive hotel in the world, Marina Bay Sands, is the focus of tourists with a very large garden on the terrace. The Marina Bay area is a place where you can spend half a day with museums, old buildings, modern designs. At night, it takes its place among the most popular places in Singapore.

Orchard Road

Orchard Road is the country’s most famous street, with a length of 2 km. The most visited shopping places are also attractive with cafes and relaxation areas. It is among the shopping spots, with plenty of fun places and fine food. Orchard Road is one of the important places to explore Singapore, especially if you love shopping!

Clarke Quay & Riverside

One of Singapore’s most attractive places, Clarke Quay and its surroundings, Riverside, is the heart of the city’s nightlife. In addition to the glamorous light night life, this is the perfect place to eat every hour of the day by the river. In general, unused places in the area consisting of old houses, shops and financial locations of the Chinese are transformed into restaurants, bars and nightclubs today.


Chinatown, known as the Chinatown, is an important area with numerous shops, old houses and historic sites. Consisting of 4 different places in total, Chinatown is also home to Singapore’s oldest temple, “Sri Mariamman”. The place with many gift shops is among the sights to be seen from the point of view.


Sentosa Island, Singapore’s most popular entertainment and Holiday island, is a recreation area that is all man-made. The island, which can also be reached by a cable car journey of about 12 minutes, welcomes many visitors with its magnificent beach, rainforests and exquisite views, as well as entertainment areas. Universal Studios is a great place for families with children, especially with many different areas such as 5 star hotels, casinos, underwater world, butterfly and Insect Valley.

Bugis and Kampong Glam

Bugis and Kampong Glam are one of the most comfortable places to explore markets and bazaars in Singapore. These two areas dominated by the traces of Arab and Muslim communities, especially those of coffee and hookah fans. Besides the bazaars, there is an impressive temple that reflects Indian culture. In the area where Singapore market and flea markets are concentrated, it is possible to find electronic product stores, cheap clothes and souvenirs

Civic District

The Civic District is a place where the city’s major government buildings, parks, museums and monuments are located. Here, you can easily reach beautiful shopping places, tasty menu restaurants and colourful nightlife. The city, with its green ratio, befitting the “town in the Garden”, is a fan of every moment of the day.

Little India

When you step into Little India, you think of yourself in India. Most of Singapore’s Indian-originated Singaporean are from South India. There are many Hindu temples in the vicinity. For Muslims, there is also a mosque. This is an affordable place for shopping, eating and lodging.

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