Minsk Nightlife in 2018, Belarus

There’s actually quite a lot of information on the internet about Minsk nightlife. I still wanted to share some information about the places I went. I don’t normally write content about nightlife, but I think it will help readers because the places I’ve traveled in Minsk have provided me with enough information. If you have any information about Minsk nightlife and venues, I will update it under this post. You can still check out the other White Russia nightlife blog posts about it.

In Minsk, the capital of Belarus, since the young population was too much, every place I had to go was Cap’n. The weekend can form a queue in front of most of the popular venues. Most clubs are very strict about clothing, and there are places that don’t include sneakers. It’s important to care about my outfit and be classy. Almost every venue gets an admission fee. Prices vary from 5-15 € to average. After midnight, the Minskiler is running into the night life. Until 5-6 a.m., the venue stays open.

Minsk Nightlife: Clubs

Minsk has a lot of luxury and fun nightclubs, all very modern and spacious. The majority of locals prefer to go to bars on Zybitskaya and Oktyabrskaya Street during the summer. During the winter period, many clubs, karaoke and casinos are very interested. Both the music, the service and the design are fine as well. As the people of Ukraine and Russia have a little experience about nightlife, the Minsk nightlife is different and quality than others. Locations are starting to move after 12.00-01.00, and most are open until 6-7 a.m.

Next Club Minsk

Next Club Minsk, I stayed in Crowne Plaza Minsk Hotel 3. Floor. This was the first club I ever went to in Minsk.  It was very good music and a spacious atmosphere. All of the nightclubs in Minsk are smoking. Entry is $10. Usually, young age had guests mainly. Everyone seemed to be having fun, a nice atmosphere. From what I read later, the venue said it was a club with people who wanted a mercenary. Maybe it’s the right place if you have business with Belarusian girls. Open between 10.00-06:00 at night.

Black House Minsk

One of Minsk’s coolest and most favorite entertainment venues. From the moment you come in, people feel the quality of their elegance. Very large and large inside. I don’t go anywhere, I feel comfortable and safe where I go, and if you say music and shows are good, this is a pretty good choice. Prices are above average. If you say you want to drink a hookah, you pay 100 lira. We were there in Hallowen’s time, and the guests needed to enjoy the club staff in a fun atmosphere in cosall. We stayed till 7:00 a.m.

Dozari Club

The information I received from my guide in Minsk is one of the finest nightclubs in the city. Both tourists and locals are attracted to the city. A big club with 1000 visitors at the same time. Yakuba is located near Kolosa Square, next to the Tsum shopping center. I asked a few more people; The best nightclub in Minsk. Here’s the dress (Dres Code) app. If you go, be careful not to wear sneakers. The entry is closed on $10 and Monday, Tuesdays. Girls ‘ entrance is free until 1:00 a.m. Then the girls pay $5.

Madison Royal Club

Madison Royal Club is one of the places frequented by young people and universities. The 15-year-old Madison Royal Club is among the city’s top-quality nightlife venues and more intense for the weekend. Near the Korona shopping mall. The entrance fee varies between $5-10. The night is open between 22:00-06:00 hours.


This is a karaoke bar, actually. The guests are taking the microphone and singing songs. As people joined a full case, they were all very, very, very much in the Middle Ages. The location is very nice and clean. Entry fee $10. There’s a tight tail at the door, and there’s control. If you’re not classy, you don’t get any sneakers like that on your feet.

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