Journey Discovering – Melbourne Victoria – Australia

Our yellow friend made our dream come true and drove us over the magnificent Australian shore, just off Melbourne, Victoria Australia.


And in addition, after all truly, truly large levels of red dirt. In Australia, an individual can easily drive for days on end minus the scene changing at all with only the occasional kangaroo — jumping out before the automobile on the suicide mission — to split the pattern. However, in the event that you can manage the distances and ditch the kamikaze kangaroo’s, the country could be one hell of an environment for some epic Australian road trips.

Nevertheless, the former prison colony has still been properly explored save by only a small number of very brave/foolish spirits. Australia is massive, it’s red, it’s angry, and it’s frequently damn well mortal and for that reason, many folks (visitors and residents alike) end up sticking with the shore. However, if you want to discover the real Australia you then want to head away from the shore and outside into the back. For a suitable adventure, you gotta eliminate humanity and into the humidity. If you’re going to do that, then you’re going to need to grab yourself a car and set off for a epic European roadtrip.

Firstly, you will want a driving permit. A severe traveler might even desire to find an worldwide licence although most “Western” permits (US, EU etc) is going to undoubtedly be absolutely legal right down under. Make sure you get back this into your home country because every thing is expensive in Australia.

Your best bet is to purchase or hire a vehicle or campervan at the beginning of one’s travels and to sell it by the finish to other adventuresome backpackers. You are even allowed to make a small profit if depending upon your bartering skills. There are often excellent deals available on hostel discussion boards, either on Gumtree or at traveler themed social networking groups.

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