How to do Big Backflips off the 10M

So you want to learn backflips and how to do epic cliff jumps, but have no idea where to start

Step 1. get to a pool and practice on the diving boards! Most people can’t do crazy flips into a pool overnight, but if you start small, build on what you learn, and practice, practice, practice, you’ll get the hang of it and will be killing it on a trampoline, cliff jump, or diving board in no time!

The Best Way to Do a Backflip

1-Undertake preliminary activities. It may be difficult to just leap into backflip mode, but there are some preliminary tricks you can do to prepare yourself.

2-Ready your body and mind. The human body and brain don’t expect to be upside down, so they may react with fear when you attempt your backflip. This could cause you to startle or attempt to cut the backflip off midway through, which is likely to lead to injury. In order to pave the way for a smooth backflip, you can get your mind and body ready in advance.

3-Use the right surface. When you’re first learning to do a backflip, you want a surface that will provide some cushioning or is at least soft enough that it doesn’t interfere with your ability to jump.

4-Find a spotter. Until you have considerable practice under your belt, do not attempt a backflip without the assistance of a spotter, who can help you make it all the way around your flip, maintain good form, and save you from injury.

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