The Best Places to Backpack – Middle East and North Africa

If it comes to travel, notably the individual kind, wariness to venture away from the wellworn paths of Western Europe and also south east Asia usually means there is a great deal of unexplored distance in the map, particularly for the areas of Middle East and North Africa.

Top 13 Middle East Travel Destinations

It’s apparent, but also unjust. The states in those areas are probably a few of their very misunderstood on the planet. Matters are slowly looking upward, nevertheless, since they gain fame since off-the-beaten-path destinations. Having a heady mixture of history, culture, and natural splendor, once they beckon, daring backpackers will find it really hard to withstand.


There is plenty written about the adventure of visiting that the Rose red ancient city of Petra for its very first time. The chorus of jealousy should inform you that the most obvious: once at Jordan, you must head to Petra. However, if in Jordan, you’ve got to pay a visit to the Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, Jerash, along with Mudi Wajib as well, because there is more to find here.

Cairo and Dahab, Egypt

Egypt is definitely a traveller’s pleasure, teeming with all natural and cultural wonders; pyramids and museums in Cairo, particularly, catch the planet imaginations and inspire wanderlust. But incentive: it is among the cheapest places to get backpackers; this, you could live off as little as $2 4 every day.

At South Sinai, you are going to find Dahab, a tiny town that’s been magical backpackers and hippies for many ages. The calm, relaxed vibe will get a whole lot of mentions, however if you are on the lookout for marine experience, the town is also known as a well known diving destination. Make certain you have a look at The Blue Hole, a inquisitive sink hole that is ideal for pleasure seekers.

Marrakech and Taghazout, Morocco

With vibrant colours and thrilling air all across the metropolis, there isn’t any denying Marrakech’scharm. Souks and palaces beckon tourists, however, back packing circuit can also be thriving here. Budget hotels and hostels at different cost point are seen in prosperity.

Meanwhile, the laidback town Taghazout can be really a sanctuary for surfers. Novel in to browse hostels to relish packages which have affordable lodging, food, surfing courses, and also a ton of different tasks like yoga and afternoon trips. However, even when you are not enthusiastic about riding the waves, even having a visit to Paradise Valley or simply just lazing on the beach are fantastic alternatives, too.


Brush up on your French to get a visit to Tunisia, a nation hugged by the Mediterranean. Its efficient and inexpensive public transport may make it simple to maneuver, and it is a great news because Tunis is just your starting place.

For those who yourself have Carthage and El Djem for history fans, also Hammamet and Djerba for sun worshippers, the Sahara desert, and also the friendly folks, there in fact isn’t any way you may not wish to stay somewhat further.

Beirut, Lebanon

Lebanon is thought to be among the most liberal nations in the Middle East, this means Back Packers with party and fun within their heads will probably soon be (wildly) amused here. The areas have pretty different tastes: fashionable Mar Mikhael and Gemmayzeh, diverse Hamra, and so forth, each offering something for everybody else.

The modern history, nevertheless, continues to be piled in minds and buildings of these folks, therefore that there may also be a good deal of contemplative minutes once you drift.

Istanbul and Fethiye, Turkey

Turkey’s close geographic proximity to some other nations in Middle East causes it to be a staple on to go lists from the location–and for very good purpose. You will find therefore many exceptional places to find in Turkey. Watch your self, since you move out of The Blue Mosque into Hagia Sophia into Topkapi Palace, and you’ll know why.

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