Berlin Travel Guide – Things to do – 2018

Berlin, which is one of the first cities to come to mind when it comes to Germany, is known as “Turkey’s Pillar of Europe”, but it has many features that a traveler can actually call. History, art, streets and museums waiting to be explored. As a Bonus, it is also important to remember the ease of transportation from the successful subway system and the incredible fun of the nightlife.

What to Do in Berlin, Germany

You need a minimum of 3-4 days to travel to Berlin, at least to be considered small-scale, because you have a lot of places to see, and a huge history to digest. You will never see the name of Hitler anywhere in the city, but notice that there are no museums mentioned. But that doesn’t mean you won’t see his tracks when you’re looking at a bookstore or the Berlin wall in the museums you go to. Before you go, don’t forget to read a book about the subject, or watch a movie.

As you know, Germany remains in the north compared to Turkey, and weather conditions are more challenging than Turkey. So you have a Central European classic, “You can cut the ice at any moment, and I’ll get something for him,” and keep it in a corner of your mind even if you go in the middle of the spring. If you are going to winter, be prepared for the weather conditions that fall below 0. In the summer, it’s the ideal time to go to Berlin, with an average of 23-24 degrees.

Top things to do in Berlin

There are dozens of places to visit in Berlin, I say, because you need to fulfill your tourist requirements before pretending to be local. When Picasso can actually draw a picture like a pudding, think of it as a place where his lips draw pictures somewhere. He knows the truth, but he’s doing it in his head. (last point in the cattle) You’re probably not reading this place. So let me tell you the places you need to see, without having to talk and mumble.
Berliner Dom
As in many cities before entering the subject, my advice here, especially if you are thinking of a museum trip and your first departure, take Berlin Pass. It’s definitely more profitable compared to my experiences and comparisons, and it also includes transportation, which means that if you don’t use the subway frequently in a city that is tremendously developed, such as Berlin, there’s something wrong. 2 days: 74 Euro; 3 days: 89 Euro. You could take the subway ticket with you to use it for a longer time, and a coyote like not to read it to the device. Because the ticket control is not done very often, but if it does, they’re having trouble.

It’s a convenience to buy Pass online. Visit the Hard Rock Cafe in Ku’damm, one of the places you should see when you go to Berlin, where you can get your pass. The Hard Rock Cafe is open between 10:00-17:00 and you must have an output to receive the pass. Or you’ll fall into internet cafes like me, and you’ll be dragged into the Counter-swamp.
The Brandenburg gate is literally the symbol of Berlin. Summer-Winter is one of the most tourist-attracting areas in Berlin, which is always crowded. There are Unter den Linden from the streets that I love in front of you, ideal for walking. It’s just north of the Reichstag, which you’ll probably want to travel to. Other than that, all kinds of New Year’s Eve celebration, giant City event is happening here. I think it’s a good point to start your trip, because it’s central. If you’re lucky, see this place at night, because it’s very nice to be illuminated. If you walk to the opposite side, not the Unter den Linden, you can reach the Einstein Cafe where you can have a proper breakfast.

The Reichstag; Actually, the parliament building. But do not read this and do not “from the Parliament of the hand”. Because there’s a feature worth visiting here; The glass dome on top. It is a very interesting and fascinating structure and offers you city views. It’s good for you to take a look at the Brandenburger.
The Reichstag is an engineering marvel of the glass dome at the top, the light that struck the dome with a structure of mirrors in different angles, reflecting to the Parliament hall, using the rain water to purify the above, the electricity from the solar panels on it It’s a multi-purpose building. The son of a gun killed him. When exiting the glass dome, do not forget to take a detailed description of the views of Berlin in the direction you are looking at. It’s worth it when you get out. As an interesting statistic, one of the events praised in the history of the building is that Hitler has never stepped on this building. If you do, make sure you book in advance. Because he’s a real tourist magnet.
Berliner Dom; Berliner Dom, a cathedral, as its name is understood. Big, impressive structure. I think you should come in and climb those stairs, not even cold. Because when you make it to the top, you get a pretty good view of Berlin under your feet. It’s not that Berlin’s skyline is so beautiful, but since we’re going to a city, I think it’s the right place for you to have a panoramic view. Don’t go to Berlin and see the place = Don’t come to Istanbul and see Hagia Sophia. Input. Seven Euros. It’s open between 9:00 and 20:00 a.m.
Museum Island; Museum Island is a small islet in the center of Berlin, built on the Spree River, with 5 museums on it. I think it’s really impressive that a region like this has been created for this job. If you need to sort out which museums are on; Bode-Museum, Neues Museum, Alte Nationale, Altes Museum
Pergamonmuseum; Yes, as you predicted, this is the “Bergama Museum” we know. The ancient city of Bergama, Bergama district of Izmir, is exhibited. It consists of three parts: the Classical collection of ancient ages, the old Near East Museum and the Museum of Islamic Art. In addition to these sections, there is an incredibly impressive “Zeus altar” in which there are many kinds of ruins. You can spend a long time here, taking one of the audio guides, which is also a Turkish option. It’s a really splendid building. During your stay at the museum, you will be lost between a lot of different thoughts, ranging from “Give us back” to the Tribine, “the brother protects the men, and we would have been”. I think this is the most visible place on the island of the museum. Entry: 10 Euro. Every day, 6:00, Thursdays are open until 8:00.
Checkpoint Charlie; Checkpoint Charlie is the main transit point between East Berlin and West Berlin. In the years of war, there was a time when the American and Soviet soldiers held seizures at this point in terms of blocking the transition. In short, we can call it a checkpoint. You can go down at the Stadtmitte stop to get here. You can stop by the Haus am Checkpoint Charlie. There’s a lot of visual on the interesting techniques used to escape during the war. I can’t say it’s great, but there were a few interesting things. Check-in: 12,5 Euro, open until 22:00.
East Side Gallery; If you go back to Berlin and return without seeing, we have come to where you will be subjected to insults. In 1990-91, the wall paintings were made by over 100 artists in the Berlin wall. As a street art supporter, I admire this 1.3 km zone, I’m happy to wander around and I would definitely recommend it.
Potsdamer Platz; Another one of Berlin’s most famous squares is the Postdamer Platz. It is possible to come across street performances and various open area exhibitions. Apart from that, you can find a few parts of the Berlin wall in this square. Even one of them is traditionally glued to gum, and I don’t know why, so don’t forget to take your gum while you go.
The famous Sony Center is here. There are many restaurants, including an Australian restaurant where you can try the kangaroo meat, the Australian wines that you can try (not very successful), and the Film Museum, interesting, elsewhere A structure you can’t come across. You can spend an evening here, open late at night. The entrance to the Film Museum is open from 6 euros to 10:00-18:00.Holocaust Memorial; As its name suggests, a monument dedicated to Jews who lost their lives in the war. Spread over a gigantic area of about 19,000 square meters. When you say that, it’s just that it’s just “because they’re supposed to do it”, but I think it’s really impressive. This is an open area, so you can leave at any time of the day. Since Tiergarten, the biggest park in the city, is very close to here, you can walk through the park after you have time to throw something out there.

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche (ruined church); This church is located in Ku’damm, 2. In World War II, the hill was damaged and preserved in the form of a church. The astonishment of not seeing the slightest thing about Hitler in the city (although it gives the right, human), and seeing this church after the monument made for the Jews, makes a strange impression on the human being.

Kreuzber; This is Turkey. A lot of signboards, children’s voices from the park, the doners, aunts, cafes, everyone is Turkish everywhere. But lately it’s also possible to find a lot of things to do here, as it has become a hipster paradise and the city’s emerging alternative point. It’s “I’m already from Turkey” Don’t go there, it’s an interesting area.

Sachhenhausen, after taking the train and walking down in the Oranienburg area for a while (which you will have to make a little effort to tell me, go prepared), I’m incredibly impressed with the Nazi camp. People don’t really know what to do, how to feel, what to say. I really wanted to cry when I found out that it was more “comfortable” than Auschwitz, so I think you should go and see.
Don’t be surprised if you stop by the train when you’re going with the rails. When you go here and include your time of arrival, keep in mind that you need to allocate a few hours and plan your day accordingly. Because it’s about 30 miles from the station.
Tiergarten; Finally, instead of having a baroque opera (if you eat) it is the largest park in the city, Tiergarten. This place is beautiful every season. Especially if you have gone with friends, grab your beer, wine, spread grass or benches and enjoy. No one’s going to be mad at you for drinking, no problem.

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