4 Amazing Places to see autumn in Japan

Fall in Japan is a cacophony of shades. The renowned maple trees grow in at the very least 5 various shades: eco-friendlies, yellows, purples, oranges, reds, or even pinks. It’s rarely that you see fantastic nature– there are a handful of areas worldwide popular for their fall shades, and also Japan is up near the top of that listing.

Listed below, a tiny overview of a few of the areas I went to on this fall journey to Japan– a few of the impressive locations where the shades were as vivid as the society, where the weather condition readied, the landscapes spectacular. Prior to seeing Japan, I constantly visualized an island loaded with jampacked cities, high-rises, and also neon lights. To my shock, there are lots of stunning as well as all-natural landscapes throughout Japan’s countryside.

If you’re trying to find a preference of “genuine” Japan, it remains in the Shoryudo. When the landscapes are a lot more vivid as well as vivid compared to you could also picture, and also there’s no far better time to see compared to throughout fall.

Yes, Japan is definitely as gorgeous as you would certainly anticipate it to be in the fall. Certain, every person finds out about Japan’s cherry blooms in the springtime, however there are really winter season selections of the similar hair– as well as they flower in late November!

Central Japan, or the Shoryudo area (made up of 9 various prefectures), provides amazing landscapes and also landscapes via hills areas and also sweeping coasts. Several elements of that stereotypically Japanese assumption we have actually obtained back residence– they could be located in the Shoryudo.

Okazaki Castle

Located still in the Aichi Prefecture, Okazaki Castle was built in the 15th century though it’s gone through several renovations and updates. The nearby river makes up part of the moat around Okazaki Castle, so the open spaces and small lakes make it a perfect place for seeing a bit of the fall foliage. The property is quite large and from above, there’s a nice panoramic view out over the countryside and nearby city.

Nakasendo Trail

Samurais and others used the Nakasendo route to move between the two cities and would stay over in stations, or small villages and towns, along with the route. The town of Nakatsugawa was once an important station along the Nakasendo trail and today it offers a glimpse into Japanese daily life.

Today, the Nakasendo is a hiking path that offers a glimpse of Japanese life through these station-towns as well as beautiful scenery through the mountains and countryside. You’ll find many beautiful spots during autumn because much of it goes through nature.

Gujo (Hachiman Castle)

Looking down on the city from Gujo Hachiman Castle, the city is in the shape of a fish– there’s no end to the beauty of this city whether it’s in the natural surroundings or the man-made effect! While Gujo is famous for its summertime dance festival, the city’s true colors come out in the autumn when the city is alive with color, surrounded by beautiful mountains and hiking trails.


The largest city in the Shoryudo central Japan region, and Japan’s fourth-largest city by population, Nagoya is an important hub for the region. Arguably the city’s most important historical tourist attraction is the Nagoya Castle– built in the 17th century, though largely destroyed in the 1940s during the war. It’s recently been renovated and rebuilt (with more renovations coming), but its incredible height and gardens make it a great place for scenic views in the city.

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